IDSE201 – Thermostat System Interface Redesign

Last week we conducted a number of usability tests using the think-aloud method on our interface design for Rapid Ideation and Creative Problem Solving.  The feedback from these tests and SUS evaluations exposed usability flaws that were in conflict with “my idea” of simple design.

Two major flaws exposed from Iteration 3 were:

1. No clear indication on how to adjust temperature

2. No feedback loops to let the user know that the system was working and what it was doing

So I went back to the whiteboard with Professor Matt Franks and we sketched out options to address these issues.

Designed more wireframe options (see below)

And was able to design a version that was more in line with user feedback but also fit my initial idea to design a simple interface.

My annotated wireframes for Iteration 4 are located here.

Sample redesigned screens below:

Temperature Adjustment Flow:

Feedback Loop examples:

1. Fan On

2. Temperature set at 70

In reflection, the interface I designed was “simple looking” instead of simple and easy to use in previous versions. The system now includes a temperature controller along with feedback loops in the form of animations and text to let users know what the system is doing.

Previous Iterations and Concept Models below:

Iteration 3

Iteration 2

Iteration 1

Concept Models 1 & 2

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