New Quarter, New Queery, New Hubris

As Chelsea and I continue our quest to bring Queery to life, we had to start extracting a singular thread of reality from the mystical cloud-of-what-could-be.

In many ways I think this has been the most challenging aspect of our work thus far. Every decision is a hard-fought battle between individual expression of hopes and desires which is constantly tempered against what is appropriate for the community we are trying to serve. These decisions usually are a compromise in one measure or another and they ultimately pick a singular reality at the expense of all others.

That’s not to say that we can’t go back and try other solutions, but if you have ever been in any software development shop for any period of time you know how expensive and rare that is.

While we have been slowly building our app, it is clear that our ambitions were considerably beyond our talents.

We reflected on this, stressed out a bit, and considerably scaled back the fidelity of our pilot. We now have a Google form to handle what the schedule flow would have covered and we will be hand-matching individuals as they sign up.

Chelsea also created this nice sign to remind us to keep it real.

I’ve kept an eye on that sign to remind myself to work within the now instead of the what-could-be and to see if either of us had the courage to bump the day counter up.

It’s been over a week and that number hasn’t changed.