Ally Bank Mobile Infrastructure: This Had Better Work

Intro: Ally Bank is an online-only bank. There are no physical locations besides a large impenetrable office in Philadelphia for employees. Being one of the first online banks, Ally’s mobile features have since proliferated all banking apps, most of which have physical branches.

So for Ally, this app had better work, because there is no physical alternative.

Fortunately, it does. For the most part. Here is a “Concept Map” which shows all the current functionality of Ally’s app:

Ally Mobile App Existing Infrastructure

Here’s my redesign, which had to include all original functionality:

Redesigned Ally Mobile App Existing Infrastructure

All changes are signified through a new “purple-glow” color. But there are two significant revisions to the app’s infrastructure to point out:

Revision 1: “Explore” is now “Invest.” This is the fourth major menu item and a huge bucket of content. The main purpose is to sell other Ally products to users. I made the judgement that people who use Ally (one of the first online-only banks) are less interested in traditional, low-risk banking products like CDs or Bank IRAs. Investment-type actions should be tiered accordingly. And “Invest” speaks to a more specific action for a user’s money, rather than the tepidly labeled “Explore.”

Revision 2: Consistent “Tasks”. There’s lots you can do in this app, but there’s discrepancy in how you reach all viewable tasks. For example, a user can reach most tasks (order checks, report a lost debit card, i.e.) by selecting a bank account in “Snapshot,” but cannot through the more prominent “Tasks” menu item. All available tasks should be reached by both the “Snapshot” route or “Tasks” route.

Process Notes: Using Sketch, I began by centering the key menu bar items from the app to be the center of my working canvas. I then created horizontal and vertical structures from there, mapping every function. With one hand on my iPhone with the Ally app open, I walked through the application. This helped to create every piece of content as a circle first, then get feedback of how to move, group, or simplify areas with lots of content.