PNC Virtual Wallet: Wireframe and User Flow Redesign

I’ve been using PNC Bank’s Virtual Wallet for several years now. It’s a pretty comprehensive app with abilities far beyond what I need and use. However, more features isn’t always better. Too few features can also be problematic. During the creation of the Virtual Wallet’s Concept Map, I discovered a variety of capabilities that seemed extraneous and some that actually got in the way of me completing a task on the Virtual Wallet app.

I’ve now created wireframe flows of several major user goals: mobile check deposit, pay a friend, check balance, transfer money, set up an alert, and make a bill payment. Through all of these, I attempted to walk a line between too simplified and too in depth. My goal was to create frames that were clear and gave the user the information they needed while taking out extra details that felt superfluous or that got in the way of completing a task.

For example, in the original Virtual Wallet app, it takes some digging to get to the ‘Pay a Friend’ function. Fewer and fewer people are using checks or even hard money to pay their friends. If I can pay one of my friends from my phone, I would rather do that than give up the cash I may need for something else and I don’t even own a check book. What’s the point when I can do that from my phone?

My goal in redesigning the ‘Pay a Friend’ feature was to make sure it was immediately accessible and included clear steps that easily led people through the process. Now, after logging in, it’s five simple clicks to pay a friend. There is a large button on the home page to start the process and another to select whether you want to Send, Request, Splits, or view Activity. From there, you can either choose a Suggested Contact or can find someone based on your phone and email contacts by typing in their name. After you choose a recipient, you enter the amount and submit your payment. That’s it. Choose the function, choose the person, choose the amount–done.

New wireframes for 'Pay a Friend' feature of PNC Bank's Virutal Wallet app.
New wireframes for ‘Pay a Friend’ feature of PNC Bank’s Virutal Wallet app.

All these changes, so far, have been based on my own opinion and insights on how best to achieve the goals based on my own actions and intuition combined with creating scenarios and storyboards depicting user goals.

From here, I will be conducting user testing with these wireframes to get people to try to walk through the goals on their own. What may seem easy and intuitive to me might be difficult for others. I want to be sure I am creating a flow that works for many people not just myself.