Team Two Wheels: Prototyping Design Ideas


Over the past three months our trio, Team Two Wheels, has been researching how advisors can build effective and meaningful relationships with college students.

This week saw us go into the field with 3 design ideas. We prototyped on paper, online, and using the application Sketch. Last week my teammate Zev Powell detailed the early storyboards of these ideas. Next week my teammate Cristina Suazo will detail findings form more comprehensive user testing.

This week we tested each of the ideas in the field, refining each as we went. Listen to our full reflections on the week and lessons learned in our podcast episode. If you prefer a brief text recap, see below for a quick update on each idea, and a lesson learned from testing.

Idea #1 Student Pre-Meeting Assessment:

A tool for advisors to better assess student needs before meeting face-to-face. It addresses the unique needs of non-traditional students.

This Week’s Lesson Learned: Wording surveys can be tricky; the idea’s language will need to gain more precision moving forward.

Idea #2 College of Forking Paths: 

A Choose Your Own Adventure conversation tool for advisors to use live with students. Students read aloud and discuss future decisions they might have to make down the road.

This Week’s Lesson LearnedAn audience you don’t intend to be the target may be the one who ends up using it. For example, students who don’t need to fill out their own FAFSA still get an empathetic benefit from role playing the situation.

Idea #3 Many Healths App: A digital tool for advisors to “check in” with students about non-academic issues throughout the year.

This Week’s Lesson Learned: User testing takes grit and determination. Not only are you rejected by strangers, but you’ll get conflicting findings. The conclusion for now? More testing.