Launchpad Progress Update

Our business venture aims to empower ex-teachers to pursue paths outside of their current career by helping them identify transferable skills and then connect with a larger community of ex-teachers and employers. We will do this is in a summer workshop series combined with year-round events, and a website for additional support and resources.  

This week we have been working on…

  • Defining the thing: We named the pain points along the journey of making a transition out of teaching from what we heard in interviews, ideated on the forms a solution to those pain points could take, chose a suite of workshops, events, and website as our final solution. We also defined the end state by defining five possible careers to help transition people into.
  • Visualizing the thing: We’ve created a customer journey map to illustrate the stages of the user’s journey and the interaction with our service.
  • Thinking through the details: We also created a detailed service blueprint which allowed us to think through the multiple layers of our service and what tasks need to be accomplished to be able to deliver our value promise.


Recently, we have been working on creating physical artifacts that articulate our design concept, whereas prior we were working to validate and solidify our concept. Our team has been focused on creating an end to end solution with the intention of validating the concept with an MVP before the end of April.


Our next question: How do we validate the value of this solution for employers? How can we utilize what we find is most valuable to employers to give our graduates a leg up?


Now we will work to …

  • Create additional artifacts that help to articulate our larger vision until it becomes a reality
  • Create our first draft of our mid-point/final presentation of our progress
  • Place our concept in front of employers to get feedback

To do this, over the next week, we will be…

  • Connecting with employers to gain feedback on our concept before piloting in the first weeks of April
  • Coordinating and hold interviews
  • Working to balance and define the relationship of our product to employers and vice versa

Our priority is creating physical artifacts that are coherent enough to convey our grand idea.


One way you can help right now is…

If you or anyone you know hires for in-house recruiters and would be open to talking to us about their process, please reach out to us at or