Mid-Term Progress Update: Optimizing Effective Advising

Cristina Suazo, Zev Powell and I are building a tool to assist advisors of non-traditional college students broach the topics of self-advocacy and social and emotional learning. Our tool is a questionnaire that optimizes the short time advisors have with their students, making sure that the sensitive root causes of problems are the center of the conversation.

This week:

Our team focused on preparing a mid-term presentation, complete with design artifacts and product mockups, to prepare for our final Capstone presentation on Saturday, April 27. Here’s what we accomplished:

  • Storyboard: We created storyboard drawings to show how a college student and an advisor would interact with our tool.
  • Mockups: We also created examples of how our digital tool would appear on a student’s phone, and on an advisor’s computer.
  • Current/Ideal State Journey Maps: We got up to version 4 of these artifacts, which visually represent the current state of advising (how social and emotional indicators are unseen). We also made an ideal state of how this changes if our product is used.
  • Presentation Practice: We ran through our draft presentation twice, once with Emiliano Villarreal, an AC4D professor.

This coming week we will:

  • Get feedback on our mid-point presentation, making a plan for the final four weeks of our program.
  • Refine our three major artifacts.
  • Determine if we need to engage in more pilot testing.
  • Book additional AC4D alumni and network for presentation critiques.

How you can help:

Put us in touch with:

  • Any college advisor/advising department at a 4-year university, anywhere in the United States. We want to know what systems they use to maintain their relationships with students.
  • Anyone who designs products for any higher education learning institution, in order to improve our artifact and pitch
  • Contact Cristina and/or Adam at cristina.suazo@ac4d.com and apruem@gmail.com.