Welcome to Toad Design: Your New Hire Training Video!

Welcome Toads!

So glad you’re joining us. You’ve just been hired, in case you didn’t check your inbox today. You will be a junior designer at our office starting Monday! Get excited!

In order to help prep you before meeting your fellow toadies, we put together this little training video. It’s just over 5 minutes, so sit back and enjoy.

Author’s Note: If you haven’t guessed, this is a work of satire and exaggeration.

I found this negative tone to be a framework in which to imagine the worst case scenario for a junior designer. Of course, businesses are never this transparent about their aims, whether they be good or bad.

During our AC4D Theory class, I’m continually grappling with the realities of the world versus the noble standards of ethical designers. Working in a typical design environment its easy to simply do the work that’s given to you. If a project’s goals seem nefarious, most people don’t quit their jobs if a project tests their moral mettle.

As a designer, I hope to change the landscape of design by working for private businesses that work publicly- literally, on public projects for local, state, or federal governments or similar institutions. Call it my civic calling.  I have some experience in seeing how good work can be done in education, public health, and water conservation, albeit through through advertising- a fickle and fleeting craft that rarely creates behavior change in these areas.

One last note. A well known design firm and their mascot were an easy muse for me here. This is not an accurate reflection on their business practices. In fact, this firm has worked for the United Nations. My hope is that they will make this trend, and other leaders in design will follow.