Ally Bank: Mobile App Redesign Strategic Roadmap

In January 2019 our cohort at AC4D began the long process of designing a mobile banking app. Over two classes, Designing Digital Interfaces and Product Management, we’ve practiced a myriad of skills: designing concept maps, wireframes, user testing, adding additional app functionality, and meeting with developers for app development.

This past work has culminated into this document: A strategy brief. You can view the full brief here, or peruse the following description and reflection on the challenging but rewarding process of mobile app development.

Assignment 3_Design Strategy Feature Brief .001

The purpose of this document was to build trust between the Ally design team and other departments that require sign off.

I attempted to make this as clear as possible from this screen:

Assignment 3_Design Strategy Feature Brief .004

In our scenario, Ally does not have a banking app, which led me to a value promise based on insights.

Assignment 3_Design Strategy Feature Brief .005

The road map provides a step-by-step breakdown of the app’s development, here’s the opening roadmap slide:

Assignment 3_Design Strategy Feature Brief .010

This high-level roadmap leads to a more specific breakdown of how we can build the core functionality of the app in 20 working days:

Assignment 3_Design Strategy Feature Brief .016

What are we building? Key features are detailed in the Capabilities section:

Assignment 3_Design Strategy Feature Brief .018


This assignment forced us to communicate with many audiences, and play different roles ourselves: design teams, including User Experience (UX) and UI (User Interface) designers, developers, product managers, and C-suite executives who would make a decision.

I plan on adding an Executive Summary to this document. And if I was to do it over again, I would be sure to recruit a wider age range of users.

Through this assignment, I gained the confidence to work within Product Management frameworks, and to communicate with a wide range of people and roles who have a strong impact on product development.