Launchpad Weekly Update

Launchpad is on a mission to provide teachers the confidence, community, and autonomy to feel more mobile in their careers. In order to do this, Launchpad will offer a 3-week summer workshop series accompanied by year-round events and a website with resources that support career transition. We help teachers reflect on their decision to explore new career paths, hear stories of others who have taken non-traditional career paths, and build the autonomy they need to feel they can access the resources and connections to move beyond their current position.

Since our last update, we have started to run our second phase of our pilot program and have spent time honing our final presentation. Our pilot includes three phases that mirror the three essential aspects of making a decision to leave a traditional path that we identified in our research. Two weeks ago, we began by creating and releasing a public survey for teachers and former teachers.

This survey, or Teacher Experience Exercise as it was titled, allowed teachers to reflect on their teaching career and discover transferable skills to fields beyond the classroom. So far, we’ve had over 100 people respond to the activity. Through this, we’ve heard some amazing stories and received great feedback regarding the value of the exercise.

Some participants told us that they screenshot the page that outlines several transferable skills to use during their job search. Understanding transferable skills is especially necessary for teachers during a career transition because teachers are siloed within education. Unlike other professions, teachers do not come into contact with a variety of other roles. This limits their awareness of career paths.

“The skills it highlighted on the Beyond the Classroom slide help me see the assets I have in a more business setting that I initially imagined. When I picture leaving teaching, I limit myself to care-taking professions. This helps me consider more corporate/business paths I could go.” – Susanna, Current Teacher

The past week, we also sent out our second phase of our pilot, a newsletter. This email included a story one teacher’s transition to corporate training. At the end of the newsletter, we included a link to a quick feedback form, but unfortunately we have received none. We hoped the story would call attention to additional paths for teachers in a way that we have seen important during career and educational transitions in our research. With the lack of response, we are not sure what are impact we had, if any.

Today, we enacted the final phase of our pilot, connecting people to each other. We sent out an email to our survey participants to see if they were willing to meet one another. We will know later this week if anyone chooses to be connected.

Our presentation narrative is in the works and we receive critique and hone our work. Final results of our pilot and our final presentation for Launchpad are next Saturday, April 27th. If you’re interested in helping us out, we’d love to practice and get feedback on our presentation. If you’re up for it, please shoot us an email at or