PUNC Bank: Strategy Feature Brief

To unite multiple stakeholders and teams on a vision of our PUNC Mobile Money banking app, I’ve created a strategy feature brief. After months of designing the application, testing with users, meeting with a developer, and creating a product roadmap, now it is time to compile all of the pieces into a compelling brief illustrating the value we will deliver and how we will do it. You can find the full strategy brief here.

Three main behavioral insights guided our design:

  1. We live in a fast-paced, mobile world. People expect their banking experience to keep up.
  2. Banking is a necessity for our customers, not a leisure activity.
  3. While customers need convenience for small banking tasks, they fear making hasty decisions for high impact tasks.

People want convenience and access to do basic banking activities, such as depositing checks and paying friends. However, when it comes to dealing with investments or changing retirement plans and other high-impact tasks, people desire more friction to achieve these goals so to have time to consider the repercussions.

“If I’m going to mess with my nest egg, I want to be sitting down with my laptop thinking about it. I don’t want to be on a bus, just moving stuff like that around.” -Braden

Additionally, our users wanted clear, jargon free language. Our customers felt tricked or confused when complex banking jargon was presented and often they would avoid tasks that included this. Users also avoided tasks that required knowing information that was not common knowledge or easily accessible. For instance, if they needed to know a friend’s bank or account number or routing number to transfer money, they reacted negatively and verbalized that they would find an alternative route. At PUNC Bank, we are committed to making banking approachable.

Feature Brief - Banking App

Those behavioral insights not only drive our value promise, but our designs and our roadmap to delivery as well. As seen below, our high level roadmap makes sure that users will be able first access the functions they need to monitor their accounts, then to complete small impact tasks, then features that help them develop financial understanding and healthy habits.


In addition to the high level strategic roadmap, I also included a more detailed strategic roadmap, depicting the breakdown of each phase into the flows by developer and showing our weekly schedule. This helps everyone understand the order of delivery to our customers. It is followed by the feature overview or capability breakdown, which helps illustrate what each of these features actually looks like.

detailed roadmap

The feature overview followed the same three major sections as seen above: Monitor Accounts, Small Impact Tasks, and Healthy Habits. Each major segment consisted of at least one or two key screens, with a description, and short breakdown of functionality as shown in the examples below. This will allow all team members to get a quick glance at what will be in the application, how it will operate, and what value that will be giving our customers. To see all of the features, please check out the full brief here.

accounts view

pay a friend

spending budget

The strategy feature brief is for anyone to pick up and understand what we are doing with the PUNC Mobile Money app and why. It illustrates the high level strategic roadmap depicting clumps of functionality as well as a detailed roadmap showing the breakdown of flows between two developers and over a specific timeline. The feature overview shows exactly how we will be delivering our value promise through a look at key screens throughout the app. All of these designs ultimately hinge on our behavioral insights derived from the users themselves, which makes sure that as a team at PUNC Bank we are always serving our users.