Bootcamp Reflection

The first four days of AC4D are in the books. Technically this isn’t even true, as we just went through bootcamp and have yet to even start the actual syllabus. It all seems daunting. This week was fast paced and threw me into a lot of uncomfortable situations like meeting the new classmates I will share my life with for the next 8+ months, as well as knocking on windows of local food trucks to get a taste of real life research.  It was exciting and scary,  and definitely hot.

I learned that research is hard, but not as hard as I imagined in my head. People are willing to share their stories and let you into their world and I learned that a smile and eye contact make it easier for them to do so.

I found that making sense of the data is difficult to do well, and that a bad connecting statement will make the tasks that follow even more cumbersome. I realized meaningful insights are hard to come by and I am not adept at being very provocative.

In the concept phase, my group did well trying to generate 300 ideas even though we probably came up short of that number. We fed off each others concepts and ended up with a few solid product ideas to sketch out in a vignette, my favorite being a product that allows food truck owners to have a menu with dynamic pricing that offers lower cost menu options during off-peak hours to help them increase sales throughout the day.

This week confirmed in myself that this is the course I want to be taking, and that learning the framework of design strategy will help me get the value I was seeking out of AC4D.