Building To Bambu

This is the 6th edition of updates to our capstone project based on research Ana and I conducted with low income families in quarter two at AC4D. You can get up to speed last week’s post.


This week Ana and I first established a two by two grid to check out the existent product landscape. Through this exercise we were able to see how To Bambu differentiated from existent services. Our value proposition is we’re not only designed to declutter closets, but help families in need by providing them equitable access to children’s goods. Through illustrating a few products, establishing a loose set of inventory and investigating payment structures we were better able to fill in the blanks on our service.

(Our two by two of the current children’s resale landscape.)



Our website displays the basic skeleton of what we hope to achieve with vignettes. A donor/user page to better explain how our service works. We will provide insight as to why To Bambu is a better choice than competitors, and a choice of items to view. We’re midst set-up and are trying to curate a flow for both end users and donors. We’ve been researching how other sites are doing it right or wrong. Having to shift between customer and donor mindset is important in understanding how our website will work best.

We are considering each part, from families wanting to get rid of goods to the last email the buyers will get after completing a purchase, this service has to have proof of trust in every part of the process. During this process we also found out that there are several things parents don’t feel comfortable buying second hand, we will need to establish a list of do’s and don’ts on the website. Rules of what we will accept and what we will not because of hygiene, safety and many other variables. We will also need to do a list of things that must be in a product, for example; seatbelts in strollers, clean toys, cribs and strollers from after 2015 when the most recent safety standard for strollers became mandatory. All of these research insights have been very eye opening when thinking about our inspection and quality process.

(Our service blueprint for To Bambu) to better understand all the parts and players of our service at this point in time.

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 6.37.47 PM

Things Learned

To Bambu is specifically designed to not only declutter family closets, but it also helps those that need it the most by providing access to quality goods at attainable price points. We spoke with a classmate about how she went about setting up her business. She spoke of the in’s and out’s of LLC’s sole proprietorship, and the like. (Thank you Michelle). We also spoke with a school owner about difficulties they encountered when establishing their business, and holding money from deposits online. Lastly we discovered parents really are looking to get rid of stuff. We have a few potential donors ready to give us their children’s goods. (Some of which still have tags on.)

Progress and Prospects

We made great progress on understanding the scope of our service. Whether To Bambu serves as a portfolio piece, or a viable business, getting our hands dirty is proving to be invaluable. As we continue to define our product and revisit how we can serve people we’ll  continue to share with those willing to listen.

In the final week of studio we hope to develop a logo, polish our website interface, post inventory, establish user and donor flows and start prototyping.