Designing A Service Product For Low-Income Families

This is the fifth week of our studio class in which we are developing a service product to better benefit low income families. Our idea is prompted by stories we heard from families Ana and I spoke with in quarter two at AC4D.

Progress This Week

We made storyboards highlighting the current concept of our service product. In addition we created storyboards to show what the end user of our service product might look like. 


Storyboard of current concept.


Storyboard for customers.

We revised our lean canvas and product pitch. We did some math on renting a space, explored further advertising platforms, and contacted parent groups who may be willing to chat with us. This revision of existing materials was beneficial in understanding that this is feasible. It also brought us to an understanding of where we could fit in the existent landscape of products and services for children’s gear.

We Learned

Our team learned that it’s important to listen and document feedback, but take what you will. We learned we care about earth enough to not want to pump out another subscription service or new toy, but rather to use what exists already, and solidify a place for ourselves in the resale/reuse market. To better benefit the planet and families who need it

Going Forward

With a more solidified idea of what our service product actually is we hope to complete the following in the week ahead.

  • Develop a pilot
  • Visit existent consignment shops
  • Obtain a donation
  • Attempt sale of a piece of product