Recycling, Reusing, and Revisiting Ideas


This fourth week, of our studio class, Ana and I were tasked to develop on concepts we generated after our research around low-income parents. We focused on a singular concept to ideate on. This allowed a deeper understanding of the services we can provide. Through interviews with potential users on our concept ideas last week we are focusing our efforts on benefitting new families through reuse. 

We Created

A product called To Bambu (working title). We currently aim to serve as a reliable mediator for child care goods that new families need, whilst other families have, through reuse.

  • A pitch deck that serves as a summation or meta version of where our product could fit in a wide and ever-changing market landscape.
  • The second deck is a 10 slide summation of specifics considered thus far. We talked through, potential finances, pathways to customers, our perceived value and more.
  • A landing page, to measure interest, have another domain, and learn about the power of google ads.

We learned we need to think about our concept from every angle. We heard from families (the true subject matter experts) toy-store owners, and startup advisors who gave us feedback on our concept. This highlighted variables that are essential to the functionality of our idea. Creating and thinking through frameworks for design concepts is no simple task. It is extremely beneficial to consider the minutia when trying to make a product to benefit others.

We Shared Our Idea

We gathered feedback from subject matter experts (SME) that proved extremely insightful yet seemingly impossible in scope. Here are just a few things we heard from SME’s;

  • “Could users feel like part of a charity if we sell second hand?”
  • “How on earth did you come up with that name?”
  • “What are the testing factors we can implement to assure quality?”

Thinking Ahead

With our feedback in tow, and a fresh week ahead we hope to, create artifacts early, get feedback quickly and discuss our idea with anyone willing to listen. As the line between products and services continues to thin, we find we might be able to find a place for this to exist. We’re excited to be able to break and rebuild this idea a few more times in order to create something actually beneficial.