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Sizing and product roadmap

In our Product Management class, for our first and second assignment, we understood how working with a developer was like. We re designed a parent portal website with the use of Adobe tools. We then found features and components inside the wireframes, we named them and numbered them to give them a category. We then added every piece of information together into an excel which we would then use to explain to our developer what are the features and how they work.

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Doing this helped me to understand the platform and also to understand how the developers work with the information that you give them, how clear did I have to be? Was the structure and features right? A lot of doubts came to me before talking to my developer Pete, however he was amazing and helped me go through my information and explained me why he estimated the time he gave me. The best thing is when I got the estimation, he said we (designers) should always double the estimated time so no client goes crazy.

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After having an estimate time, I used a sorting tool (must have, should have, could have and won’t have) to prioritize which features where crucial to the usability of this website. Keeping in mind that we have 2 full time developers and 5 weeks to finish.

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For our las exercise, I did a thin slice of the project, including only 80% of what my developer had estimated, with that I got rid of almost all of the “could haves” and got a free week to deliver before. To conclude, this was an interesting assignment, the part where I learned the most is definitely when I got to chatting with my developer, getting to know how he works and what is his role like.