Explore our student work

Our students work through a 24 week project that demonstrates expertise in product and service design. Below are some examples of recent student work.


Pay off your debt in daily small bits, and watch your balance disappear.

True Story

Collect stories from your aging family members to understand their values and help them make choices about their future.


Gain insight into your medical recovery process through a collaborative, shared platform.

Inner Circle

Remain in control of how your pregnancy is supported by your friends and family.


Transform a feeling of burden to one of pride: share caregiving with your family and friends.


A social school built from your community, offering in-person, peer-led, bite-sized classes.


Apprenticeships for girls by girls: work alongside makers in short and long-term apprenticeships.

Oh Hi

Oh-hi: Helping military spouses meet new friends.

Love Intently

We empower couples to build strong relationships.


Receive personalized support from a dietitian on your phone.


Connecting those in need with available private and public housing.