Bitesized is a mobile application that allows dietitians to remotely support clients. The app promotes more frequent interactions than the typical monthly meeting, and makes it easier to create a more accurate representation of a client’s food intake.


Our value promise

We promise to provide a path of incremental change towards a healthier diet.


Shared Value

Core to Bitesized’s mission is creating shared value. Shared value refers to policies and operating practices that enhance the competitiveness of a company while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions in the communities in which it operates. Bitesized creates shared value for the client, dietitian, and for society.

Value for the customer

There is a deep need for dietary support across the United States. There are 27 million Americans who have heart disease and more than 30 million Americans who have diabetes, generating $620 billion in medical expenses each year. These diseases are largely preventable through healthy eating. Unfortunately, diet change is incredibly difficult for a multitude of reasons, including ingrained habits, time constraints, limited financial resources, peer and family influence, and addiction to food itself.

Bitesized helps clients overcome major barriers to diet change by providing the following value: 1) regular and direct connection to a nutritional expert; 2) easy food logging; 3) inherent reflection and accountability 4) understandable nutritional guidance; 5) incremental change; and 6) a voice in their own food journey.

Consumer View

  1. Regular and remote connection to a nutritional expert. Adopting a healthier diet is easier with a partner on the journey. However, many dietitians only meet with clients once a month, and require in-person meetings. Bitesized provides regular and remote connection to a dietitian, increasing access to the dietitian’s emotional support and practical guidance.
  2. Inherent reflection and accountability. Reflection is key to long-term change — the more mindful the client, the more intention he puts into his actions. The very nature of taking photos promotes reflection and therefore increases the likelihood of behavior modification. Accountability also plays a powerful role in behavior change — the requirement to share photos with a dietitian will make the client think twice before he makes a decision that will negatively impact his health.
  3. Easy food logging. Recording food intake is quite beneficial — it facilitates self-awareness and can uncover patterns or habits previously unconscious. However, keeping a written food journal or inputting food items into a database can be tedious and time-consuming. Bitesized makes it easy, allowing the client to quickly photograph and share their daily food intake.
  4. Understandable nutritional guidance. The confusing nature of nutrition science can exasperate and paralyze. Instead of asking clients to interpret complicated nutrition labels or count calories, bitesized’s dietitian educates the client with digestible tips, making recommendations based on his current habits.
  5. Incremental change. Small, gradual change is more sustainable than trying to overhaul your diet in one fell swoop. Instead of prescribing a completely new diet or meal plan, the dietitian recommends small changes based on the client’s past and current behavior.
  6. A voice in their own food journey. Instead implementing a “one-size fits all” diet, the dietitian meets the client where they’re at, allowing the client to play an active role in the recommendations and diet changes. Moreover, the client can choose to accept or reject each dietitian suggestion, making him more engaged in his own health.

Value for the Dietitian

Dietitians have deep expertise in nutrition science and powerful intuition around client need. However, infrequent in-person meetings between the dietitian and the client can stall progress. Moreover, without a full understanding of the client’s daily food intake, the dietitian must resort to general suggestions, as opposed to more powerful, specific recommendations.

Bitesized delivers the following value to the dietitian: 1) better understanding of clients’ food intake; 2) the ability to provide more personal recommendations; 3) the ability to provide consistent communication; and 4) supplemental income.

Dietitian View

  1. Better understanding of clients’ food intake. Typically, a dietitian struggles to fully understand what the client eats on a regular basis — even if the client keeps a food log, information regarding portion size can lack accuracy. Bitesized allows the dietitian to get a more comprehensive picture of their clients’ intake.
  2. The ability to provide more personal recommendations. Because the dietitian rarely fully understands the client’s food intake, her dietary recommendations must be more broad than specific, minimizing the potential power of her guidance. By showing the client’s daily consumption, bitesized allows the dietitian to make personally tailored suggestions, more relevant to the client’s current behavior and therefore more directly actionable.
  3. The ability to provide consistent communication, from anywhere. There’s typically a lot of time between a dietitian and client meeting. Bitesized allows the dietitian to support the client on a more regular basis, from anywhere, giving her more opportunities to share expertise and support.
  4. Supplemental income The dietitian earns money through the bitesized platform, earning $15 per month for each client.

Shared Value for the Client & Dietitian

Bitesized is essentially a private instagram for a dietitian and her clients, but with a much greater purpose.

Social media can be soul-less and draining. It falsely promises connection and love, only to waste your time and sell you more things you don’t need.

Bitesized uses the addictive nature of social media to a constructive end. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, or sharing photos for pure self-promotion, the interactions serve a purpose, building toward lasting, positive change, and cultivating a meaningful relationship between the dietitian and client.