Chap Ambrose

Chap is a designer, developer, and entrepreneur. He’s worked on dozens of apps, crafted interactive installations, and built a Kickstarter-backed hardware product by himself.

Chap has launched products for VC funded startups, national nonprofits, and businesses of all sizes.

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Feelings are Design Insights

While doing design research I try to listen to myself as much as I do everything else. How do I feel about this situation? Anxious, awkward, excited, satisfied? This week Scott and I did some quick and dirty testing by giving away McDonald’s gift cards to people panhandling along the road with signs. We then tracked…

Reflection is required for impact

Some of the stuff I made when I worked at Project HOME. When I worked at Project HOME, an organization addressing homelessness in Philly, I noticed a lot of things that I could design and improve. Better signage, better forms, nicer marketing materials, pretty menus at the cafe, improving training programs, an easier way to…

People and their things

People living on the street carry things. Here are some of those things:

My First Quarter at AC4D

The following is my attempt to summarize and reflect on my first eight weeks studying at the Austin Center for Design. The great: Amazing students with varied talents working together. Experienced professors (who still work in their field) sharing insights and leading discussions. Designers working on real problems (homelessness, sustainability, education). The difficult: Big time commitment. Learning…

I'm still Chap

As a continuation of the presentation I gave last week, here is a website to promote the idea.

I'm Chap. I start businesses. Let's get together.

Download my deck for my concept of “Entrepreneur In Residence” at nonprofit organizations. I’m proposing a 9 month project for organizations where I research and understand their mission, develop new ways to to help their clients, and get paid solely on the revenue that is generated from the new development.

The Pixar Story

I got inspired by the book I’m reading, The Pixar Touch, and used it for my sketch story in IDSE103. 1974 Ed Catmull graduates from Salt Lake City University where he developed many of the fundamentals of computer graphics and imaging. 1975 John Lassiter enrolls at California Institute of the Arts to study animation. 1979…

Current/Ideal Thrift Store Experience

Through the eyes of the customer, staff, and owner.

Softballs and Swords: The Personal Style of Prominent Design Figures

Every designer has a point of view. We work relentlessly to articulate it to the design community, and more importantly, potential clients. Each talk we give, book we write and design we touch is another calculated message meant to emphasize our perspective and argue it’s validity. As a relatively inexperienced designer, I am fascinated by…

Designers find and connect the dots

In high school I dabbled in lots of mediums: photography, video production, web design, graphic design, fine art and other things. I remember being frustrated that as a freshman at college I was suppose to pick one of these disciplines to focus on for the next four years. Then I found the industrial design program.…

Give me an A-C-4-D!

Last night was the first day of school and it was great. It’s inspiring to be back in the classroom again with a group of people passionate about changing the world through design. Also, I raised $387 for Austin Center for Design by agreeing to do any dare my friends and family came up with. The…

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