Cheyenne Weaver

Cheyenne Weaver is an artist, designer, and naturalist who is inspired by the challenges of living sustainably. When she’s not chasing beetles Cheyenne does front-end web development for Red Hat, makes sculpture, and freelances occasionally. Recent freelance work includes t-shirt designs for the band Arcade Fire and identity/web design for SoftwareMill. Recent exhibitions include participating in the East Austin Studio Tour, and Damaged Romantics, held at the Grey Gallery in New York and the Blaffer Gallery in Houston. Cheyenne graduated with a BFA from CalArts in 2004.

It is important to me that the principles of sustainability and permaculture always remain a priority in my long-term approach to design.

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GirlsGuild, a Community of Creative Leaders

Here’s our public presentation of GirlsGuild, a community of makers in apprenticeship. Check it out and let us know what you think by liking our Facebook page and commenting, or signing up for our Newsletter! We’ll keep you posted on our exciting plans for this Summer! ~xoxo Cheyenne & Diana

Girls Guild Pilot sessions are open for sign up!

Happy Spring! Diana and I have been hard at work meeting with fabulous artists, makers, and business women across Austin to curate our first pilot guild sessions, and we’re super excited to show off our core group of makers! We’ll be holding our first pilot session with jeweler Anna Gieselman, the woman behind Rarewears, who…

The Need for Defining Social Entrepreneurism as told through Dante's Inferno

Design & the 4 Key Areas of Iterative Practice

And here’s the same idea applied to our service design, Girls Guild:

Technology Is a Tool

Technology is a tool that humans have used for centuries. It’s part of what defines us as human. It’s an extension of ourselves. Technology is a tools that grants us the ability to wield unimaginable power. We can use it as an advantage over others, helping us to remember perfectly, or to catalog our lives…

Making things and then having to talk about them

Hi blog readers! We’re done with the second quarter and it was awesome. We have our big ideas from the research we did, we’ve made a ton of things in support of our initial ideas, and we’ve learned a bunch of methods for blowing out our ideas. The design idea I worked on exploding, assembling,…

Storyboards for Wild Edibles Mobile App!

Here are my storyboards showing the key functions of my Wild Edibles Mobile App. (the name is still under construction). #1 Share: #2 Learn: #3 Locate:

Moving into the next phase of design research and reflecting on the past

Now that the first quarter is over and we’ve presented our research findings, I’ve been reflecting on our struggles and successes with the research methods, and the new directions our findings have guided us towards in the second phase of research. Jonathan and I did our initial contextual inquiry at the Farmers’ Market, where we…

Marketing for DinnerShare

This week I’ve been creating marketing collateral for DinnerShare… If you’re interested in getting updates or participating in some preliminary test dinners Subscribe to the DinnerShare newsletter Website – Facebook Page – Twitter – @Dinner_Share And finally the Banner Ads and Email Campaign Template. Enjoy! <3 cheyenne

Dinnershare Demo!

Technological Multiplicity and the Obscene

(the ‘scene’; Wagner’s Ring Cycle)   Growing advancements, amplification, and social integration with technology have supported increasingly ill-defined and obscure power structures. This departure from clearly defined boundaries and codes of ethics require designers to engage with their subjects by reversing traditional designer-client relationships, taking on the role of the student, and inhabiting their subjects’…

Wireframing DinnerShare!

Howdy! Our recent endeavors have been to prototype our first iterations of a mobile app for our business ideas, and run three people through the wireframes. These poor individuals were then tasked with rating their experience based on ease of use. I probably confused the heck out of a few people, but here’s what resulted…

Pitching an Alternative Busines Model

We’ve spent the last week coming up with our first swing at social entrepreneurship; a business! Dinner Share Slow Food for Fast People! People love to cook and they love to share meals. This concept builds online identities and reputations through the real world connections we make around food. Here’s my Business Model Canvas which…

designing for = (designing with – commitment to a community)

This week we discussed the role of ethnography in understanding the differences between “designing with” and “designing for”. This discussion was based around readings by Emily Pilloton and Liz Sanders. The goal was to argue a challenging position related to these two design approaches, and we came to the conclusion that “designing with” does no…

Less is More

In the spirit of iteration, we’ve been asked to address our brand with an economy of words. The result should be illustrated in poster format, using Helvetica type and proper rules of typography. Ta-daaaa… Our second task was to visualize one story from three perspectives through the use of story-boarding on Post-it notes. Our story…

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