Chris Lovin

Chris’ extensive background in industrial, interaction, and service design makes it impossible for him to approach any project without seeing it through a holistic lens that encompasses people, physical environments, objects, and digital interfaces. At frog, Chris leveraged his unique perspective to help explore and design solutions for a multi-modal application for facilities maintenance, a computer navigated knee surgery cart, the instrument and service model design for a protein sequencing startup, and a ride hailing application that included remote control of audio and lighting in the car. While working at Honeywell, Chris designed and implemented UX strategies for connected homes and buildings and brought several connected devices to market. Prior to that, he led medical device and enterprise hardware programs at Mixer Design.

Chris recently left consulting to pursue his passion in medical technology at Athenahealth where he continues to apply his holistic lens to the problems of healthcare and physician burn-out.

When Chris isn’t at work, you’ll find him riding a bike or relaxing with his family.