Pat Marsh

Pat is passionate about creating experiences that people love. He is often recognized as a hybrid designer that combines a strategic perspective with the tactical motivation to create through trial and error.

Over the past 18 years, Pat has worked in consultancies, startups, small and large companies designing digital products and services from the ground up in the consumer electronics, automotive, aviation, waste management, higher ed / ed-tech, healthcare, financial and telecommunications industries. Some of his previous clients and employers include USAA, frog, Sirius XM, Legal Zoom, Blackboard, MyEdu, Modernist Studio, Booz Allen Hamilton, OPM, Deloitte, Sprint, AT&T, McAfee, T-Mobile, HP, Comcast, IBM, Toyota, SanDisk, AMD, VeriSign, and many smaller companies. His best work comes from being involved in the strategic side of product development all the way through to prototyping and implementation.

Pat has lead teams through setting the vision for products as well as diving into tactical work as an individual contributor through wire-framing, visual design, animation, and prototyping. He has also trained designers as a consultant for both the private and government sectors.

In addition to his professional work, he is passionate about teaching design. Using education as an iterative way to both share his experiences for the betterment of others and to refine his perspective through the lens of those who seek to become designers.

The bottom-line: Pat loves learning about people through design with the goal of creating a better more amazing world.

Pat holds a BFA in Industrial Design, with a focus on Interaction Design, from the Savannah College of Art and Design.