Learn practical skills to make products and services that help people.
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Austin Center for Design

Austin Center for Design exists to transform society through design and design education. This transformation occurs through the development of design knowledge directed towards all forms of social and humanitarian problems.

1 Year Course in Interaction Design & Social Entrepreneurship

We offer a one year course—held at nights and on weekends in Austin, Texas—that emphasizes creative problem solving in the context of social issues, like poverty and nutrition. Students learn about human behavior, humanizing technology, and business strategy. The program is ideal for designers, business/marketing professionals, artists, and technologists with several years of experience. We also encourage more established professionals who are looking to change the trajectory of their careers to apply.

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Explore our Resource Library

We've made available dozens of lectures, readings, and worksheets from our curriculum - for free!

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AC4D's 2014-2015 Events

Join leaders in design, business and technology as they host talks and workshops focused on leveraging design in a strategic, thoughtful manner.

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Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving

AC4D published a book called Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving. It's a handbook for becoming a social entrepreneur.

You can read it for free, online!

Meet Our Students

Scott Magee

Scott is a top-performing creative professional with extensive experience in human-centric design, strategy development, target marketing, brand management, buyer behavior analysis, digital design and process development. He is recognized for passionate interaction with high-end clients and is highly talented in managing the entire process, from initial concept to executable insights and ongoing account maintenance. He has a consistent track record of generating new business, po... Keep Reading »

From Our Blog

CapMetro App Revamp: “Final” Iteration + User testing

Over the last 8 weeks in our Rapid Ideation and Problem Solving class we have been working on a redesign of Austin’s public transportation app which can be found in Apple & Android App stores under the name “CapMetro.”  Each week we have created a new iteration of the application, performed user testing using paper prototypes, and presented a new iteration of the design to our class for critique.  This week marks our “final” iteration. I’m using “final” in quotes…
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